The word chakra is a sanskrit word that translates as wheel or a vortex of energy.
We got a lot of chakras going on!
We have 6 main chakras running through the spine of our spirit body, known as the sushumna.
Each Chakra has its own seed sound.
We use these seeds sounds, in order to perform an energetic cleansing and release energetic debris.
We also have a Crown Chakra that is depicted as a thousand petal lotus.
We have an 8th chakra, that is known as your aura, it is your electromagnetic field.
We also have chakras in our hands, and we have chakras our feet.
It’s important to realize that we are more than just a body.
We are energy, and energy has no beginning and no end, it just changes form.
You are energy!
You are eternal!
That’s it for Your Daily Bliss.
Thank you for being YOU!
Marti and Starr